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Workshops and Talks - so far


Ensitech – Tech graduation
Graphic design tools course – Lea - 1 year.

EAD post-graduation at Uninter
Information Architecture course – professor, 6 modules + 3 podcast classes.

Semana acadêmica 2011 – Universidade Federal
Talk  about Gamification.

Interaction South America 2010
Workshop / Creating products based on the user daily.

Aldeia Coworking
Workshops / Creating cross-platform applications (Mobile concept design)
4 times (2010, 2011, 2013).

Faber Ludens, Workshops
Creating cross-platform applications (Mobile concept design), 2 times (2010)

Ndesign 2010, Workshops
“Pixel Art” and “Concept design”.

Interaction South America 2013
Organisation board, Two Workshops - Visual Facilitation, Utilising Futures Thinking in Concept Design and a Company case presentation - NetGeo Birds Watching,

2014 - IxDA meetup at Ixonos,
Futures of interactions / IoT.

1014 - IxDA meetup at Futurice,
Futures of interactions / Games.

2015 - Futures Specialists Helsinki,
FSH meets Singaporean – City as a platform for innovation – Organisation and talk.

2015 - Futures of retail FSH,
Meetup at Futurice – Organisation and Talk.

2015, Service Design Network, Helsinki
Service Drinks at Futurice – Futures of retail / talk and event organisation.

2015 - Service Design Global Jam

2015 - IxDA meetup 
Talk about Immersive experiences and event organisation.

2015 - Game Jam  – At Laurea
Immersive experiences talk and mentoring:

3D City Model Hackathon

2016 - Interaction 16 and Students Design Challenge, Organisation board and Futurice workshops - Tomorrow’s services and Storytelling in Digital Services.

2016 - Service Design in Digital Context course - Laurea University of Applied Sciences - Master’s in Service Innovation and Design - Lecture


2016 - BMW Summer School
Design Thinking, what’s next and beyond.

2016 - Thinker at Think in a Tank
Helsinki Design Week

Interaction 17 - NYC
The Meaning of Technology in Services
and Hybrid Services

2017 - Global Service Jam  
Helsinki, Mentoring

2017 - Blue Arrow Award
Customer Experience
Assistant Jury

2017 - UXHel Smart Cities
Customer Experience

2017 - UXConfBR
Talk - Co-creation
Workshop - Service Sandbox
Watch the talk (PT)

2017 - BMW Summer School
Design Thinking and Lean Startup Machine

Service Design Global Conferência 2017 - Nov. 2-4
Evaluating Business Ideas workshop facilitation

Digitalist Service Design Meetup in San Francisco
Service Design, Talks and workshops
June 26, 2018

2018 - BMW Summer School
Design Thinking and Lean Startup Machine

2018 - Interaction Latina America
Meeting Service Sandbox

Interaction 19 - Student Design Charette

RGD Webinar

Empowering and Engaging through Co-creation

Design Thinkers Conference Vancouver 2019
10 Tips to Empower and Engage Organizations in Co-creation https://designthinkers.com/vancouver/speakers/?p=jane-vita

2019 - BMW Summer School
Design Thinking and Lean Startup Machine


coming next

Interaction 20 - Student Design Charette

UX VAN Awards 2019